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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> desse today is monday november feathers and all eyes are on president obama admits some itoday is monday nor 5th. >> mitt romney is facing his final run in the battle
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ground areas. i >> he calls his plan for i call before warned. in the swing states president obama has the advantage. >> we are taking back america. >> many analysts stated that romney cannot win without the buckeye state. >> everybody knows that he was against saving the auto industry. last week a super storm sandy took a toll on romney. >> obama care and energy is
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a good day for obama. romney has one more day to convince people to hire him as commander-in-chief. if it is a swing state today voters may seek mitt romney or paul ryan slide through. >> paul ryan starts his day in iowa and then he will go to ohio. >> reporting live in boston i am in the lee smith. >> we are waiting for mitt romney to appear at this campaign rally in orlando,
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florida. this is the first lawsuit that has been filed in florida as they ended early voting yesterday. some of the polling places opened up on sunday and there were four hour wait times. the republican legislator cut back to eight days so we are seeing the first ballots already filed. >> this is quite an orlando welcome. thank you very much. i am so looking forward to getting a chance to work with your senator. i also appreciate the great leadership of the governor.
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thank you. >> you know him as the chief financial officer of your state. he is the commissioner of agriculture. >> will like to remind you that will have live coverage on >> will have extended live coverage on election night tomorrow night started at 8:00 p.m. >> the weather will not be a factor so you have no reason to not go out and vote.
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>> it will be 15 to 20 degrees warmer from how we normally are for november. here's a quick look at some of the numbers. it is low 80s for downtown san francisco. it has not been this warm since 19 01. it has not been this warm and overall century. 82 degrees is expected for antioch. we do have high pressure in control and it is for the majority of the bay area. we do have some problems with visibility. as we take a look at some of the whether headlines it will be a another day of record breaking temperatures. it will be drasticooler for wednesy and i will have a full and
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detailed a when you will need your umbrella. >> we had an earlier stall on the bay bridge and this has quickly been cleared. look at what has been done to your traffic. it is starting to stretch into the oakland mayes. once you get through the toll plaza you will see more stop and go traffic. a new problem here on 1 01 at candlestick. this is an injury accident and one of the vehicles involved caught fire. it is fully engulfed in flames and fire crews have just arrived so they have the two lanes blocked. this will slow you down so give yourself extra time for highway 1 01. >> it is now 6 06 a.m. and we are following a story of
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an officer shooting. >> police officers are still here and it has been seven and a half hours since this started. they are collecting evidence and we do know that two police officers have been placed on administrative leave and do seek that a 37 year-old estranged husband is dead. >> the officers arrived and found a female who was running out of per unit with her husband pursuing her. he was naked and he had a knife in his hand. if they demanded for him to stop and drop the weapon but he refused to do so. the officers fired their weapons and the suspect was transported to an hospital in he was later pronounced dead. >> the wife lived here and the wife and her roommate were not injured. the police are still waiting to get his
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name and they did state that he was a man from san jose. >> it is now 6 07 a.m. will be back in a few minutes.
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>> welcome back it is now 6:10 a.m.. >> they are heading out east to help with the recovery
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efforts of sandy. that will head of hawthorne, new york. this will allow states to share their emergency resources. >> the bay area salvation army has been deployed to the east coast to supply food and water. they stated that over a daily basis over a hundred people are getting fooled through their sources. thefood and more. people would like to donate can visit the organization's web site. >> we have a live look outside and pleasant hill where we have a fire that broke out at a strip mall and we have firefighters were still on the scene. we will have the latest coming
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[ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >> this is new video in to kron 4. >> this was a fire of a double tanker truck. the emergency personnel this on this thing as this fire was burning early this morning.
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the 68 year-old driver was killed in this crash and for other people were injured. the police stated that it may have been a drunk driver who caused this chain reaction crash. >> these are images of new york, new jersey and maryland after the storm hit. we also have ocean city, maryland and this is a before and after fauteuil.fold. >> you can see the morning sunshine is starting to fill up the skies. we're talking about warm weather and wearing shorts in november.
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>> if you bought sun that was a one-on-one then expect temperatures to climb five to tende10 degrees warmer. it is a bit windy as you step outside the door and as you take a look at the temperatures for this afternoon our forecast shows and downtown sampras's go to be at 80 degreessan francisco to be at 80 degrees. this breaks and old record h. it has not been this hot in san francisco's in over a century. certainly you should address in thdress it
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layers. the yellow on the screen in the cas some spots wig with 90 degrees. >> it will be a sunny and a gorgeous day. your kron 4 around the day forecast shows warm weather will be on tap for tomorrow. it will be very nice out for the election day. and thursday and friday we are tracking a cold front and is centered and the ball off of alaska. we will gain a couple of degrees still below seasonal
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average for a saturday and sunday. >> we have a hot spot. the chp just indicated an accident. this is north bound 11 at candlestick and a truck. the distraught ctruck caught fire and as you can see the traffic is slowly backing up. as you head for san francisco you should give yourself a lot of extra time if this is the way that you go. there is no estimated time. we still have a slow commute from tracy to armonelmont. this is a another stretch or you would like to leave early and give
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yourself extra time. it was a stall the was cleared about 20 minutes ago and this is long gone but take a look at what it has done to your commute. give yourself extra time heading into the city. the san mateo bridge is looking okay even though we have more traffic. you're right across 101 and the golden gate is still light and trouble-free. >> it is now 6:19 a.m.. the jury still deliberates about the trial pulsate a principal who failed to report a teacher who was suspected of molesting students. she was the principle of this elementary school and students reported disturbing behavior about a teacher but the principle did not report this to the police. this teacher is now
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facing charges of committing lewd acts of over five different students. they say the they found semen on his chair. >> a san leandro couple was arrested and they are expected to be arraigned today. they opened fire on a 21 year-old man over an argument at a party. the pair was arrested a short time later and the victim was taken to the polhospital and had head injuries that were not life-threatening. >> the gross for workers union accuse them of bargaining in bad faith and
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defiled labor practice complaints. they hope this situation can be resolved quickly. >> we are hoping for this to be short and we hope that that stashed >> they stated that they need to cut costs and a competitive market. the close five stores within five years. >> it was supposed to be a nice day on the water but it turned out to this search and rescue incident. this took place yesterday afternoon. they found the five people clinging to their boat and children were trapped inside the boat.
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they used to this saw two put a hold in the boat so that dimple the children out. they were trans ported to the hospital and they had hypothermia. none of the people on this boat were wearing life jackets. >> this election is down to the wire as we enter the final hour and days. both candidates are in their final hours and this has been for 17 months trying to win the presidency. let's listen in as we go to break. >> the energy and passion. the shared--the campaign, to
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speak for all americans. the best achievements are shared achievements. i have learned to respect and know that to return kinins.
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the pose of the race for president is a dead heat. he really think is going to be
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that close? we pause to this question on our kron4 facebook page and this is what some of the road >> it will not be a landslide but obama will win. >> it won't even be close, romney will have 320 + electoral votes. >> i can't wait for this to all be over, i'm so sick of it. >> to join the conversation on our facebook page is facebook .com 4/kron4 >> gas prices are going down. >> finally seeing it under $4. >> and san francisco is $4.13. it is down about 20¢. oakland and san jose are about one penny apart. the
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national average is $3.47. that is down 29¢ from last month. we always pay more in the bay area but these prices should continue to go down. this is the sharpest drop since 2008. it is likely to go down another 10 to 20¢ in the next couple of weeks. >> samsung has sold more than san some lines the galaxy past three months before people started shipping the latest version of their phones. samsung launched an advertising campaign poking fun at the iphone. other consumer electronic funds were hit by the global economic downturn that dented the band 40's and personal computers.
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>> the dollars out over 130 points. the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange coming up. more on the bay area company that went on fire and its stock was up 30%. we will be back.
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>> opening bell for the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq electronic trading board is up seven points ahead of the opening bell. the areas stock restoration hardware, this company went public on friday. it closed up 30%. we will talk with rob black coming up. >> it was really nice over the weekend. >> if you like that you get more of it today. there'll be record-setting heat today. >> san jose is forecasting to come in if 83 degrees. it has not been that warm on
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november fetched since 1901. or c over a hundred years. sunshine and the skies into the afternoon. similar conditions as we head into tomorrow. record- breaking temperatures but big changes in store by the middle of this week. a cool down by thursday and friday we will try out the shorts and tank top for a raincoat. we expect some light rain over the entire bay area. a quick look at afternoon highs 84 to downtown san francisco 82 in oakland. a full look at your high is an extended forecast in just a bit. >> a couple of hot spots your ride on the peninsula one the one headed toward san francisco, there's an accident. one of the vehicles caught on fire at no. 1 01 in candlestick.
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said the two right lanes were called off to get the fire under control. everything is off to the shoulder now. all lanes are open now. you can see traffic is still slow on northbound one-on-one as you work your way through bridge main so give yourself some extra time for your ride headed toward san francisco. a slow commute headed into san francisco. a stall backed up the ride at the eskers section. you are backed up on to the 880 over crossing into the oakland maze. some of the clout slow traffic on your approaches westbound 80 slower towards albany. also backing up towards highway 24. your fault traffic check in just a bit. >> officer involve shooting in fremont leaves one person dead. will tran has been out at the scene following the
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latest on the investigation. >> one person is a 37 year- old man from san jose. this happened around 11:30 p.m. several police officers are still on the scene and focusing on the town house. this is central avenue when the man showed up unannounced the woman was living with another right. he acted an aggressive manner and force the right to call police officers. when they arrived they saw him upside naked holding a gun. officers told him to drop his gun and give himself up, he refused. two officers opened fire. he was taken to hospital but later died. even though he was holding a knife that police department said the wife was not injured nor their roommate. this is a very busy road in central ave fremont it takes you to 880.
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the police department says that they will be there for the next couple of hours collecting evidence. >> near this morning a fire at a strip mall in pleasant hill. jackie sissel is there as they investigate. why do they think it is suspicious? >> there are multiple reasons but mostly because they found and on news molotov cocktail outside of the business. fire investigators from contra costa county remained out here this morning investigating this suspicious fire that started around 11:40 p.m. there is a call to the magic touch salon and found a window broken and smoke coming out of this one. they were able to put out the fire relatively quickly. it was only a single alarm fire but a lot of damage was done to the building. firefighters
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that arrived on scene discovered a bottle of beer with suspicious liquid in that. the molotov cocktails heading outside of the business. he could see it there, that is one of the bottles that they found outside the business. it led investigators to call the arson task force. we spoke with the investigator earlier this morning >> at this point we're still working on determining the cause of the fire. we have determined where it started but now we're sifting through layers of fire debris looking for any evidence that will indicate what action caused the fire. >> they found that molotov cocktail outside the they start these investigations fresh. they look at all of the evidence and will not be influenced by outside forces. this was not their
6:36 am
starting point but they did find the bottle and that will be a key piece of evidence. no one was hurt and the fire and it did not spread to the businesses on either side of the magic touch salon. >> have you seen out any of the business owners out there? >> know. we saw some of the business owners from over there. they tried numerous phone calls and old addresses that they have not been able to contact the salon owners at this point. >> mitt romney just wrapped a speaking and outside of orlando. he'll be speaking in boston on election night. most of the talk has been centered on the presidential election. take a look at the house for this and that --
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senate . there are 33 seats up for grabs and the democrats are using an early push. the house of representatives will stay under the control of the gop. 53 democrats when you count the independence one caucus say. with eight seats up for grabs at the latest poll is showing a split there. it does appear the u.s. senate will be controlled by democrats while the house remains controlled by the gop. we'll have a coverage of the elections starting at 8:00 tomorrow night. you can also stand to date on kron4 doubt, as well as facebook and twitter feats. we will be right back.
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>> here we are and november november seth and look at that beautiful shot from our mt. tam cam. that on close but we will see a lot of, the sign. we will see record temperatures today. the approach of the bay bridge, like you have a way it is a nice weather ride. >> we're learning just how much money the san francisco school district lost when thousands of kids skip school to attend last week's giants school parade. more than 4100 students were absent that day and 4100 students cost of this district $160,000 in state funding. the majority of kids skipping classes were high school students. >> cabrera will receive his
6:42 am
full share of the championship on this. he played 117 games in the season before his suspension. there is a rule saying if the suspended players left for the off the roster 10 days after the fire is over. he gets the money despite not playing a single game in the playoffs. >> we'll be back with business news and rob black in just a minute. the dow is up by 27 points. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! an oft we're learning just how much money, we talked about this a little bit of co how much and for a school school district lost. we will talk about that coming up. fremont is investigating and
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overnight fatal shooting. we have some video we can show you or at least a live shot. police shot a man involved in a domestic dispute, he died later at the hospital. will tran is on the scene and we will talk with him throughout the morning. the fire in pleasant hill that broke out over a strip mall in the fire was knocked down and about 20 minutes. it did extensive damage and that salon. the race for the white house is approaching the finish line with both candidates campaigning for the final day today. president obama and mitt romney are going through several swing states today. 49 percent of likely voters say they support the president and the same number say they are supporting mitt romney.
6:47 am
the dow was up 33 points right now. we lost over hundred and 30 points from the dow on friday. some bay area companies we're watching out an ipo for a bay area stock on friday and for once it was not a tech company. it was restoration hardware bring in the opening bell on friday morning. this stock soared it was glad to be posted at $22 a share it was at 24 at the high and. it closed up 30% a closed at 3110. now it is up to 36¢ a share for this bay area ipo. apple had an announcement this morning that in the first three days and they sold 3 million ipad mini. investors like the news and their stock is up as well. the stock is at
6:48 am
hundred and $20 a share lower than it was about a month ago. big news from to help toyota record profits for the quarter over three and a half billion dollars earned by torta. it appears that they survived the tsunami as well as other shutdowns they had in their production. it is poised to become the no. 1 automaker in the world. the dow was up 38 points right now. >> we have the coverage of the weather today we are looking at big numbers in the temperature to apartment. >> record-breaking numbers on tap. if he thought yesterday was hot, expect temperatures to be five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures are as much as 20 degrees warmer and than the seasonal average. it is going to be a test the one. temperatures are on the mild side right
6:49 am
now 57 in hayward mid '50s and mountain view. satellite and radar shows a high pressure firmly in control with clear kish and conditions are on the majority of the bay area. some fog did former on the north bay valley it will burn off into the afternoon. by lunchtime '70s and '80s around the bay. as a push o'clock into the afternoon we see more in the way of warrants indicating mid to upper 80s. sunspots are nearing 90 degrees, of santa rosa 8982 for nafta. the '80s for downtown san francisco and 82 and pleasanton. it will be a warm one. you may want to have the beach if you can. it is definitely the day for flip-flops' and tank tops. upper seven is expected in monterey and up the coastline mostly sunny and clear conditions for stinson
6:50 am
at 80. 76 for ocean beach and pacifica and half moon bay are coming in at 79 degrees. 7 day around the bay shows more reckon breaking numbers on tap as we head into election day tuesday. we have the potential for some light showers wednesday thursday and friday. this is associated with a cold front and the gulf of alaska. to dry things up and clear things out as we head into the weekend but to matures will still be below average. >> northbound 1 01 is still a hot spot still recovering from an accident near candlestick. this is right at the candlestick accident -- exit. the two right lanes were cone off to get that fire under control but the traffic alert has been cancelled. all lanes are open but there's still some slowing for you. if you're looking for an alternate you can use highway to 80 but it
6:51 am
is already looking much better as you head toward san francisco. the commute out of tracy headed towards pleasanton the drive time is still 60 minutes. it is stop and go through livermore all way up toward highway 680. the nimitz is also getting visit as he had southbound. san leandro stars the bonds appeared just before you reach 238 as you head towards hayward. overall the ride northbound 1 01 is not bad but is getting slow headed towards san jose. 87 is also credited northbound direction. lights are on an traffic is backed up into the maze on to your approaches so give yourself extra time on the east shore 580 west. as you approach to maze added up to the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is not bad but sluggish for folks headed out of hayward towards foster city. the ride across the golden gate
6:52 am
is trouble-free and nice and smooth. >> was bid at the box office over the weekend? reckitt ralph. a big holiday season take as we enter the season for holiday movies. it made $49 million in its weekend opening. denzel washington's movie flight came in with $27 million. then affleck directed and starred in argo and it made $10 million. >> a quick break but still lost to talk about when we come back. will mainly be talking about the weather and the election, as the clock is ticking. lots to follow and the final hours. a live look at our roof cam where we have clear skies. >> speaking of the clock ticking you should feel in our better today. >> if you forgot you need to
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m. of a quick look at to 70 around the bay forecast. unseasonably warm today, the possibly record-breaking. where are the fifth of november and were talking about short weather. maybe even beach whether upper '70s and '80s for some of our coastal communities. thursday friday we get back to normal in november whether with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. thousands of people packed the shoreline around three of the unnailed coal mine classic yesterday. one of the biggest surge events of the years what has was happening this weekend. it started about half hour ago and will wrap up tomorrow.
6:57 am
yesterday's crowd organizers are saying is one of the biggest crowds they seen since the '80s. 11 time world champion kelly slater beat out local jason collins and round to later today. >> president obama is bringing star power to his final day on the campaign trail. bruce springsteen will be performing at the president's stocks and wisconsin and ohio and iowa today. rapperjay-z will be performing and ohio as well. michelle obama will be showing up in daman iowa -- the morni
6:58 am
kron4 about, and are facebook and twitter feeds will also be following the election. we will be back
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